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Mother and Baby on Floor


Encouraging Positive Environment

Supervised Contact

This service is used when it is believed that the child is likely or has suffered from significant harm from parents or others. 

A qualified worker supervises the contact session in a secure setting with the view of the child's physical safety and wellbeing in mind.
A comprehensive report is completed as part of the contact and provided to the relevant professionals. 


Supported Contact

This service is suitable for families where no significant concern or risk to child have been identified. 

A member of staff or volunteers are available for assistance but there is no close involvement or observation, monitoring or detailed report required.

There is likely that, you may share the contact room with another family.However, your child's wellbeing and safety remains paramount to us. 

Escorted Contact

This service involves the child and non resident parent being accompanied by a member of staff on visits to places such as local parks, shops.

Escorted contact is classified as supervised contact therefore a report will be provided. 



Handover service is requested when parents do not want to meet in the process of contact between the child and non resident parent. 

In this case, the centre's staff or volunteer will facilitate the handover through drop off/pick up to prevent parents meeting.

The non resident parent takes the child out for the duration of the contact arranged and returns the child to the member of staff afterwards.

Community Contact

This service is used when contact has been arranged to be held in the community rather than the contact centre following a risk assessment.

The contact arrangements are made prior to the session. It can also be held in the family home upon a risk assessment.

Report will be provided for this contact. 

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